Why do i keep dating the same type of guy

The spiritual path is about developing and claiming both these parts of ourselves. And whether you are actively pursuing any spiritual practice or not, your subconscious mind directs you towards people and experiences that will allow the development of these two aspects of your being. Whether you like it or not, this will impact who you find attractive, because intimate relationships offer the fastest way to do it.

Understanding that relationships have a deep purpose of helping you heal and claim all of the neglected parts of yourself, changes everything we know about love. Relationships are not about finding your one true soul mate, live a love story like depicted in Hollywood movies and live happily ever after until death do you part.

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Relationships are opportunities for each person to grow, evolve and come closer to a deep inner alignment. We often think that we get attracted to a person who fits our personal type.

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I, for example, have always been crazy about dark features. Then there are certain features or skills that make us attracted. I always had a thing for dancers and bartenders. And a healthy lifestyle. I want my man to be active and fit. And then there is how they treat you. We all have buttons, and if they press the right ones, we stop thinking logically and instead act like under a spell.

2. Stop re-enacting the past.

These all make sense and from my experience I can say they are true and I feel you may agree: But then I also find myself attracted to men who do not meet these criteria. Your inner feminine provides caring, nurturing, fun, change, energy, emotions. You inner masculine provides safety, support, presence and guidance. Commitment and dedication are not my strengths. These are the qualities of a strong, well developed masculine. Because I long to have my both feminine and masculine fully claimed and mature, I will look for ways to bring that commitment and dedication to my life.

So imagine what will happen when a very committed and dedicated man passes my way….

All I see is his physical looks. If I get to talk to him, I may discover some skills or hobbies he has that I find very attractive. And so I become attracted. The same goes for men. I am not trying to limit the beautiful experience of being in a relationship. But it does give us better understating why we keep falling for the same type of a man.

If your past relationships brought you more pain than joy, use your knowledge of the inner masculine to change it. Consistently Dating Parasites Could Mean: Being insecure and having low self-esteem can attract needy and clingy men who use you. People who are secure with themselves are less likely to attract a parasite.

They use an intimidating tone to others when asking for help. They criticizes your character and possibly even your children.


8 Reasons Why You Always Date the Same Type

Consistently Dating Bullies Could Mean: You have problems maintaining emotional boundaries. You seek to win over others by pleasing them or casting yourself in a favorable light, to your detriment. When you become clear about where to take responsibility and where your emotional responsibility ends, you can better manage the boundaries.

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Consistently Dating Pushovers Could Mean: You are a controlling person who tends to appear to have their stuff together. You have low self-esteem and no self-love. Join my community to receive updates on the best content of this blog. I am sure this will ruffle a few feathers….. We as people forget our worth many times…. I say people because there are men attracting the wrong type of women as well. I think many women are attracted to parasitic relationships, and confuse their need to constantly give with being nurturing.

Knowing your self worth is the key to knowing the difference. And trust me, I know. I agree with you part way.

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As you said, they do attract codependent people as well. So in my experience the truth is your theory and his combined. People with any degree of narcissistic personality disorder need to be alone and fix whatever makes them so self centered. It certainly confirms my thinking. I date the emotionally unavailable. And just as I thought its because my dad werent around for me. Im getting there slowly but surely.

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A great insight… one that I will take a look at more closely. Everything all goes back to childhood issues most of the time anyway! I read the article and I fall into the over compensating category! This was a cool read and dead on point. The Emotionally Unavailable Description: The Needs to Be Fixed Description: